Month: February 2014


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Comptoir des Chemisiers
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I am getting addicted to PoW these days.


Sock game

I’ll admit it, my sock wardrobe (black & brown mainly, ugh) is shamefully weak by current iGent standards. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised today to come across this clearance sale on ‘La Chaussette Fran├žaise’ mid-calf socks, at one of my favorite cheap accessory stores, Comptoir des Chemisiers & Accessoires.

These socks are reportedly the ones worn by French congressmen, made in France to very high standards of quality — TBC, as we don’t buy marketing hype, although the product does feel very legit when handling.

The store, unsuccessful at moving socks that usually retail for EURO 56 (wtf!!!), has knocked them down in stages, all the way down to EURO 15, before they soon stop carrying the brand.

At that price, I could not pass up the opportunity to up my sock game with a few pairs of colored mid-calf socks.


Another natural shoulder with perfect generous lapel & graceful voluminous 3/2 roll.

Shout out to all you RTW makers out there: you need to be copying this lapel, now!

Most makers press flatten their 3/2 roll, whereas it looks so much better when it curves around after jutting out (Rubi, Liverano, etc.) I have stopped beleiving tailors that assure me it’s just a question of ironing. After experimenting with so man suits, only a few get this right, I’m convinced it mainly has to do with the cut and the canvassing.

Attolini (who else?)