Month: December 2013

Sartorial Tradecraft

Switch from TV fold to 3 points if you’ve made contact with your agent.

The Counterfeit Traitor (1962).

Spy movies & sartorialism — a long common history, and surely a book waiting to be written.



Sartoria Partenopea
Ralph Lauren
Scavini bow
Drake’s ps

Watch porn

Under the Christmas tree:

Louis Pion, 89€.

Gotta love it when you find cheap watches that actually look decent from a yard away — ultra classic, ultra slim. Just needs a real croc strap now and we’re in business.


Holiday fit with Christmas-y tartan bow:

La Vera Sartoria Napoletana x Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail
Boggi BD
Comptoir des Chemisiers bow
Drake’s ps
Boggi corduroy
Finsbury suede

Full disclosure: I don’t actually go out of doors with most of these fits I post on weekends and holidays — I just like to snap extra fits that I might want to wear if I was going to meet Floc’h for afternoon tea or something. The weekday fits are all genuine though, bows, windowpanes and all.