Month: June 2013

This fit was solely for the pic, I didn’t actually wear it out of doors:

Albert Arts sky oxford cotton unlined DB. Atelson knit tie. Hackett shirt. Hartwood cotton pants. SG linnen ps. Finsbury mocs.


First time out with my New Kingston Fashion (Hong Kong) bargain price handmade fully canvassed CMT MTM 1-button single-breasted peak lapel 3-piece suit, inspired by this picture of Anthony Eden from Flusser’s Dressing The Man.

I should have done a 5B waistcoat instead of 4B. Also, I should have asked for higher gorge and wider lapels. My alterations tailor may be able to fix all that, with great effort — it’ll be fun to watch him try.

School tie from my alma mater, Phillips Exeter Academy, purchased at the Academy bookstore in 1988! Ivory twill shirt by Old England, but details suggest Albert Arts was the maker.

Off to drinks with Michel Renoma and then dinner with sartorial heavy-hitter Laurent M. — gotta work out some kinda Pitti fit:

Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana blazer from a Schofield honeycomb weave fabric, thrifted at Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail — i.e. this was the 2-yr old store demo blazer for LVSN MTM in size EU54R, I wanted to make a deal on it since the fit was so perfect, no alterations needed.

I love LVSN’s high gorge, barely padded shoulder, wide lapel, fitted waist, high armoholes, and perfect neapolitan 3/2 roll, the kind where the 3rd buttonhole vanishes — much harder to find than the usual 3/2 where the 3rd buttonhole is laid out flat to behold.

Boggi shirt. Gambler trousers. Comptoir des Chemisiers knit Boivin tie. Scavini silk hounsdtooth ps. Finsbury dub monks repatinated to Brown by Laurent Di Mascio.

Before & After picture of Handson MTM PoW suit:

The shoulder wrinkle was still visible after dry cleaning, so I assumed the suit had bubbled and needed to be trashed. Thankfully, my alterations tailor opened it up and reset the canvassing straight — which was possible because the suit is not fused. A strong case for never buying fused suits, and for knowing a skilled alterations tailor, as I would have never thought it was possible to fix this.