Month: February 2013

Lexicon of abbreviations used on this blog

FU f-ck you (jacket)
PoW Prince of Wales
DB double breasted
SB single breasted
SBPL single breasted peaked-lapel
MTM made-to-measure
RTW ready-to-wear
OTR off-the-rack
MTO made-to-order
SC sports coat
OCBD oxford cloth button down (shirt)
PS pocket square
CMT cut-make-trim
RRP recommended retail price
GTH go-to-hell (trousers)
RLPL Ralph Lauren Purple Label
PRL Polo Ralph Lauren
IRL in real life
NWT new with tags


Boggi FU jacket and linnen ps. Di Castri shirt and tie. Navy MTM trou, bottom half of an NK Fashion suit. Drake’s braces. Carvil oxfords with patina by Paulus Bolten.