Month: September 2012

An Apparel Arts inspired look, combining 4 patterns of different scales:

PoW MTO Handson suit in a 40-year old vintage fabric thrifted for 30 euros at the estate sale of Cambo Tailleur thanks to Julien Scavini of the blog Stiff Collar; Boggi BD shirt; same wool ps I keep coming back to by Comptoir des Chemisiers; Drake’s wool tie thrifted at Old England clearance sale, which I just resold to because he wanted it real bad. Watch out for that funky tie reappearing soon on his Tumblr — I’m sure he’ll make better use of it than I could!

Thrifted on eBay: Cifonelli PoW 100% cashmere blazer. Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail Albini Piumino 140/2 poplin OCBD. Comptoir des chemisiers ps. Bruce field jeans. John Lobb chestnut oxfords, in grainy leather, last 8000, like new, thrifted 300 euros Chez Albert.

Thrifted at Crockett & Jones: bespoke baby box black derby by Dimitri Gomez. I asked Dimitri if he had a pair of bespoke shoes my size which had remained unsold. As luck would have it, he had this 3000 euros shoe just sitting there, collecting dust on a shelf of his workshop, and he let me have it for 500 euros! Mirror shine by Paulus Bolten.