Month: May 2012

Succesful copy of a Smalto notch lapel by my Hong Kong tailor Mr. Assudani of New Kingston Fashion. Courtot bespoke veil shirt. Handson tie.


Handson Drapers mohair suit with wider lapel and low button stance. White veil bespoke shirt by Lucca. Lace hanky by Atelson. Club tie of the Traveller’s Club Paris, for a club dinner event this evening.

1992 Vintage Cifonelli bespoke suit, wool and cashmere, sold by Chez Stephane in Batignolles. Fitting & adjustments made by Cifonelli’s own Mr. Gonzales himself. My only true 3 button suit. I had sworn off 3B in favor of 2B or 2,5B, but the construction on this suit is so superb that I decided to stay with 3B. I was also willing to have no pocket flaps, just like the original design of the suit. Boggi shirt, Comptoir des Chemisiers tie, and Atelson gauze pocket square.