Month: April 2012

Pal Zileri Prince of Wales suit with not oft seen lavender overcheck. Tie by Courtot. Gray silk gauze pocket square by Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail. I let the PZ salesman talk me into buying this suit because at first I was not convinced by the lavender overcheck on a PoW, but now it’s since become one of my favorite suits to wear. My sartorial buddies were all quite divided over whether the purple tie works in this ensemble. I was going for color coordination with the overcheck obviously, but perhaps a classic blue tie would have been best.


My only pair of fully bespoke shoes: plain black cap-toe oxfords handmade by Gianluca Bocache of Sartoria Ripense in Rome. Definitely good value for money at 1000 euros for bespoke shoes when others usually charge 3000 euros. But for me, the jury is still out regarding whether it’s worth it for anyone with average feet to invest in a bespoke pair of shoes rather than top quality RTW such as John Lobb, Aubercy or Corthay.

Gambler flannel jacket from a Loro Piana bunch. Boggi BD shirt & trousers. Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail pocket square. The concept here was to be able to recycle a mid gray jacket from a flannel suit I own, and to pair it as an odd jacket with trousers for a casual chic ensemble, without anyone noticing that it’s the top half of a suit. This is my interpretation of a Brunello Cuccinelli style outfit.

Di Castri herringbone silk, wool and cashmere jacket from a Drapers bunch. Cheapo purple knit tie by Ugo Baldini. Light gray flannel pants with 5 cm turn-ups by Boggi. Brown cap-toe oxfords with inside stitching by Carvil. This ensemble is my interpretation of how men in Milan would pair an odd jacket with trousers. A bit too milanese to be able to pull it off at work here in Paris, but I love the italian style nonetheless.

Mixing 3 patterns — striped, checked & dotted — in another effort to match the audacity of Edward VIII, master of this game. This OTR SBPL suit is by Basile, made at the Mabro facory in Tuscany, which makes suits for Vuitton. A very light italian construction. I instantly liked the wide lapels when I randomly picked up this suit up at an end of season sale at a bargain basement discount. Gauze tie by Handson.